Be a Franchisee:

AB Express Cargo and Logistics provides a golden opportunity at various locations of wider choice to be the Business Associate/ Franchisee.

As a matter of policy we encourage young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs; thus providing a golden opportunity for youngsters and new comers to the industry.

We shall train the business associates and franchisees continuously for the ever changing business needs to attain a sustainable business growth.

The business partner is always ready to constitute you as a stakeholder in the business of ABECL.

Requirements to become a Franchisee/ Business Associate:

• You need not be experienced in the industry of logistics/ courier
• Initial deposit of Rs.25,000/- which may be enhanced as the business grows.
• An office premises of 100 to 200 Sq. Feet at an appropriate location, preferably at ground floor.
• Landline telephone connection, internet and a computer with printer along with inverter back up minimum of 2 hours
• An electronic balance of capacity 5Kg and 50Kg.
• Two full time staff to manage courier operations and business
• Registration with Service Tax is a statutory requirement
• Commitment to the service deliverables with the terms and conditions of Consignment Note of AB Express Cargo and Logistics
• Business Gain for the Franchises/ Business Associates:
• A sustainable legitimate business opportunity
• Privilege of utilizing the entire operational network of AB Express Cargo and Logistics for Domestic Courier Delivery, Logistic Solutions, etc.
• No need to pay any Royalty to AB Express Cargo and Logistics
• Most economic structure for various services
• Online tracking of consignments and Centralized Customer Care
• Those who are competent will become Super Franchisee